The Rocky Jones Silvercup Rocket

This Website is dedicated to the Silvercup Rocket.


What you see now is the rough draft. I decided to put it up as is because it was taking longer than I expected and I wanted to get the pics out to those who were waiting for them.

The pics I took are all posted now and formatted pretty much the way I want them. I hope to add the pics Doug Souter took soon, and to take and post more pics in the future.

As of now there is no text explaining the rocket or the protect,  no links. etc.. They will be added as time allows. Check back periodically or use the "Tell me" feature above when they fix it. 

In the mean time, you can email your questions or comments to Doug Souter at:

More later, 

Paul Shedleski, webmaster  

Right side nose Right Side Front Right Side Rear 

Rear of Rocket Front Interior Control Panel Rear Interior

Home Page

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Right side nose

1-19a.jpg (483001 bytes)

Right Side Front

1-1a.jpg (509147 bytes)

Right Side Rear

1-4a.jpg (727199 bytes)

Rear of Rocket

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Front Interior

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Control Panel

1-32a_small.jpg (24746 bytes)

Rear Interior